A Great Read for the Young Reader – The SECRET of Applegate Farm

The SECRET of Applegate Farm

Why is it that young teenagers seem to love mischief? Why is it that being among friends brings out the adventurous side of us all?

You will love reading this great and wholesome book and should recommend it for everyone ages 8 through 80. The kid’s curiosity follows them around and seems to lead them into a great summer adventure everyone can read.


Enjoy this and all of the upcoming Anderson Girls Books!

The SECRET of Applegate Farm – Now on Ebooks








A SERIES of Adventure books for Young Teenagers and Children of all ages…


It is hard to remember the intrigue of just being a teenager. Everything is a mystery. The excitement of discovery abounds every corner and every chasm of our life. New thrills and adventures await every day our participation.

‘The  SECRET of APPLEGATE FARM’, is the first book of The Anderson Girls Books.  In this launching of The Anderson Girls Series, follow Noelle and Alaina Anderson where ‘an intriguing summer adventure at an old farmhouse leads three teenagers into exciting explorations that they cannot resist.’


“Fall in love with the characters as I have in real life.  Let this first book of the series become ‘Something Special’ bringing the characters to life inside your heart as it did inside my heart with each stroke of the pen,” says the author.  “It is also a joy to write these adventure books and include our girls as characters in a series of books that can become so vibrant, uplifting, and truly a lot of fun.  The world could use a little more writing that is good, wholesome, and fun and yet… something that can still let teenagers be teenagers.”


Through a project called ‘Design My Book Cover’, author Mark Jones extended an opportunity for the students at Gordo Elementary School to design the book cover for the launching of the first book in this wonderful adventure series of books, ‘The Anderson Girls Books’.  This unique book cover is the result of a joint effort and tremendous team project between the author, the school, and the students.


Mark Jones is an Award-Winning Author and Songwriter. You will love the simplistic life this book offers your family without having to worry about what your child is reading. All in all, it takes us back to a time when easy light-spirited reads were the highlight of our day.


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